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Lohko issues fully transparent Gold NFTs on the blockchain.

Lohko issues real gold bar NFTs to the Ethereum main chain as unique ERC1155 tokens.  We partnered with Mattereum to give each Gold NFT their legal claims and warranties. We create an on-chain NFT token from your Lohko Wallet, which can be freely transferred on the Ethereum mainnet chain and sold on NFT marketplaces and provide increased liquidity.

What is a Lohko Gold NFT?

Lohko Gold NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are ERC1155 tokens issued on Ethereum mainnet chain. Each NFT is unique and easily transferable on the blockchain. A physical numbered gold bar stored in a Bullionstar vault always backs your Lohko Gold NFT. You can verify the Lohko Gold NFT at any point by checking our Vault Report.

We update our Vault Report regularly and show which Ethereum address is holding the NFT so you can ensure that the bar you have matches our vault record and is a genuine Lohko Gold NFT. At any time, a Lohko Gold NFT can be converted back into the Lohko Wallet, where you can request physical custody of the unique numbered gold bar and get it delivered to your address.

Each Lohko Gold NFT can be issued with a Mattereum Asset Passport showing claims and warranties related to the Lohko Gold NFT.

Lohko Gold NFTs can be issued with your own artwork. This enables you to have your own unique art together with an actual gold bar.

*Terms and fees may apply.

How to convert your gold bar into an NFT

After buying a gold bar and receiving your ownership certificate from Lohko, you can start converting any bar over 10g to an NFT.
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Step One
After buying a Gold Bar and receiving it into your Lohko Wallet, select the gold bar you want to convert by clicking the Convert to NFT button. An NFT conversion fee will apply.
Step TWO
Choose how many years of storage fee you want to receive, and Lohko will purchase gram gold to cover the yearly cost. We will record the payment in our Vault Report for transparent verification.
Step Three
Choose if you want to issue the gold bar with art:
a.  Add your preferred art for a “corkage fee” —we will issue the art together with your gold bar and make an Mattereum Passport art claim associated issued by you to ensure the artwork’s rights if you want to sell the NFT; or
b.  Choose not to include any art with your gold bar purchase.
Each Gold Bar can be issued with a Mattereum Passport connecting the NFT to Lohko Warranty Claims.
Lohko Wallet will automatically calculate the total price for Storage fee, NFT conversion, any art fees and Mattereum Passport fee.
After the order is confirmed and paid, Lohko will issue the gold bar together with the Mattereum Asset Passport and artwork (if any) into the Ethereum wallet address provided by you. The NFT is the proof of ownership of the gold bar.
The gold bar is locked by Lohko and stored in our vault at Bullionstar. Lohko Vault Passport will show the public key of the wallet where the NFT is stored, and you can at any time bring the gold bar back into your Lohko Wallet and get it physically delivered to your address.
Terms and Conditions and KYC / AML requirements apply. Only 10g gold bars or larger can be issued as an NFT on the Ethereum main chain.
Our Partner


We have partnered with Mattereum, a leading London-based blockchain provider to issue Asset Passports with claims and warranties associated with each Lohko Gold NFT.
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