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An easy and safe way to buy and manage digitised assets

Whether it’s precious metals, art, carbon credits or other assets, Lohko digitalises tangible assets and gives investors full control. We provide technology to enable brokers and other service providers to provide their investors to safely hold, buy, sell, and transfer their real digital assets.

Take control over your assets.

Enabling your customers to find alternative investment opportunities that hold and increase value over time can be challenging. Through Lohko, you can offer your investors transparent high-quality alternative investment opportunities in real assets with liquidity and full control over them. Lohko enables an independent, secure, transparent, and cost-efficient experience for investors.
  • Investors can verify that an underlying real asset fully backs the digital one they are purchasing and have a legally binding claim to that asset.
  • Investors can sell or transfer ownership without middlemen to ensure they are buying and owning a real asset.
  • Investors can take physical custody of the assets they own or sell them back to you.

Lohko Wallet gives access to unique, value-sustaining real assets.

Following a strict strategy, we enable carefully handpicked assets that sustain and increase value in the long term, even during extreme market conditions. You can also ask us for a new asset class you would want to offer your investors.
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Audited and Transparent
Lohko maintains your Vault Report in a public ledger on the blockchain of its vault possessions. This report enables your investors to confirm that their assets are secured and marked under them without revealing any private details.
Proof of Ownership
The assets each come with an ownership certificate showing the owner’s name. Investors can also compare their asset ownership with your Vault Report to ensure they are the underlying asset’s owner.
Assets are easily transferable, with the freedom to buy, sell, and send the assets within your customer base.
Full Control and Safety
With Lohko technology, assets are within the investor’s control, you can connect a third-party insured and audited custodian to store them safely in a vault or provide the vault service to your customers. The custodial asset inventory information will be recorded in your own immutable blockchain Vault Report so that asset holders have full transparency on the inventory and any other changes.

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