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Our mission is to enable investors to access digitised real assets with full transparency, liquidity and protection.

Why was Lohko Wallet founded?

“As a technology entrepreneur, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with private investors who have taken the risk of funding start-up projects. I’ve noticed that the key challenge to this is the lack of liquidity in alternative investments.

While investing has become increasingly international, holding and transferring assets have not.

I believe that investors should be able to control their assets and manage, transfer, or sell them without having third parties involved.

We founded Lohko to make this possible.”
- Dr. Antti Saarnio, Founder

Our Background and History

We are technology entrepreneurs with investment and financing background.

Our team co-founded Jolla, a Finnish mobile operating system company developing Sailfish OS. This technology project was one of the largest start-up lead projects in Europe. Our team raised 50 million EUR funding and succeeded in creating one of the few independent mobile operating systems. In 2017, Rostelecom acquired majority of Jolla.
Our team founded Zippie, building a blockchain-powered payment platform that is one of the world’s leading blockchain consumer solution developers. More than 70,000 users have tested its wallet solution, and 5 million USD have been invested in developing the Zippie platform.
Antti Saarnio, Zippie, and our investors established Singapore-based Lohko Pte. Ltd with a mission to build a secure, independent, and transparent investor wallet.
We launched our gold and silver sales after our registration for a regulated dealer was approved in Singapore. This prerequisite allowed Lohko to sell and trade gold and silver that complies with international KYC and AML requirements.
We stopped selling gold and silver and we converted the business to licensing software to other service providers.

Lohko makes this process very easy

We have digitised real assets for easy buying, selling and transferring. We also issue ownership certificates ensuring legal possession of the assets.
We provide full transparency by providing Vault Reports. We assure our buyers that their assets have an immutable history and that our insured custody partners safely store them.
Investors can transfer or take physical custody of assets directly from their Lohko Wallet at any time.

Digitised assets made easy.

Lohko digitalises various real assets with its unique and secure technology. Then, your investors can freely purchase and hold them in their Whitelabeled Wallet or transfer them anywhere in the world. All these while specialised custodians are safely managing their assets.
our partner


We have partnered with Singapore-based gold and silver trading company BullionStar to keep purchased gold and silver bars stored and insured safely in a vault. We also offer shipping at any time.

Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years

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